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Tetsuo Off-White Concept Design

At age 33 I can say I’ve been a anime-head for most of my life. Still to this day the manga that opened my eyes to this style of art and animation was the classic AKIRA!! The fluidity of motion and and attention to detail in this classic is something that has stuck with me my entire life. 

As a tribute to one of the films that changed my life I wanted to create my own personal Tetsuo. The biggest and most exciting task in this project was the famous right arm. I started off with the hand and worked my way to the shoulder. I wanted to make sure each metal/bio-mechanical piece was placed in a way that reflected the human muscle structure.


After completing the arm I worked my was down from head to feet.

I also wanted to keep this piece relatively true to the source content. 

After completing the line work I moved on to the color composition. As I mentioned before I wanted to keep it clean and true to the original. 

With the color work complete I moved on to me favorite part… Photoshop compositing! I hope you enjoy the finish piece as much as I enjoyed creating it! Blessings fam!